Microsoft Excel Level 1 (Beginners)

Course Objectives

  • How to use Excel Interface and Component

  • Build Mathematical Formula and Performing Calculation

  • Use Excel Build-in Functions

  • Formatting Data & Worksheet

  • Analyze Data using Conditional Formatting

  • Use Search & Replace Tools and Check Spelling

  • Printing Data

  • Use Excel Templates

  • Manage Worksheet and Workbook

Course Description

Organizations across the world over rely on information to make sound decisions regarding all manner of affairs but with the amount of available data growing on a daily basis, the ability to make sense of all of that data is becoming more and more challenging.

So you will face a great challenge and obstacle in saving and formatting the data in an easy and simple way in order to make it easier for you to query and analyze the data.

Fortunately, this is where the power of Microsoft Office Excel can help.

Excel can help you organize, calculate, analyze, revise, update and present your data in ways that will help the decision makers in your organization steer you in the right direction.

It will also make these tasks much easier for you to accomplish, and in much less time,than if you used traditional pen-and-paper methods or non-specialized software.

This course aims to provide you with a foundation for Microsoft Excel knowledge and skills, which you can build upon to eventually become an expert in data manipulation

Course Outline

Chapter One : Getting Started with Excel

  • Navigate the Excel Interface

  • Use Excel Command

  • Create and Save Workbook

  • Enter Cell Data

Chapter Two : Performing Calculations

  • Create Worksheet Formula

  • Insert Function

  • Copy & Cut Formula – AutoFill

  • Absolute & Relative References

  • Error Codes

Chapter Three : Modifying a Worksheet

  • Insert, Delete, Hide Columns and Rows

  • Find-Replace-Go To Special-Check Spelling

Chapter Four : Formatting a Worksheet

  • Formatting Data

  • Format Cell

  • Basic Conditional Formatting

  • Templates

Chapter Five : Printing Workbooks

  • Print Workbook-Page Layout-Headers & Footers

Chapter Six : Managing Workbooks

  • Managing Worksheet

  • Manage Views

  • File Properties

Target Audience

Students-Employees-Entrepreneurship who want to know the basic skills for Microsoft Excel to create tables and analyze data.

Course Requirement

  • Basic Computer Skills

  • Microsoft  Excel Application